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I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life. Elsie De Wolfe

I’m a mom, a social marketer, thought leader and entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places and things.

It’s not about hustle, it’s about heart. It’s not about push, it’s about attraction… and you don’t attract what you want, you attract WHO YOU ARE.

I am a master closer, engaging speaker, word wizard, editor-in-chief of an online publication, and lover of all things marketing or sales. A natural leader and disruptor, I have a passion for helping men and women to trust the niggle (trust themselves), tell the truth (boundaries are an amazing thing) and speak, even when their voice shakes. I’m a champion for the underdog, can’t doesn’t exist in my vocabulary and I believe that taking radical responsibility in my your life changes everything.

So choose brave. Choose you. Listen to the nudges from within and live… live here and now.

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Sometimes the “plot twists” of our lives become incredible new chapters in our lives. Transition can be a magical time in your life; if you have a Values Driven life – you can know what lines up, and what doesn’t! Ask me and I’ll share more or check out the links on my profile!

Stay in our strength zone, give from your highest point of contribution, and remember, collaboration is a magical word!

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