About Sherrie

I’m deeply PASSIONATE about helping WOMEN create M.O.R.E. in their life…More Money…More Opportunities…More Results…More Experiences so they can live and impassioned life that they LOVE!


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Sherrie Cameron is leading by example by creating MORE abundance in her life and that of others. A certified adult educator, financial educator and mindset and life purpose coach Sherrie brings new insights to your relationship with money and the manifestation process through her company The Pathway to M.O.R.E.

After 20 years in the corporate world, Sherrie chose to leave her Director of Learning & Development position to provide stronger support for her autistic son knowing that early intervention strategies create long-term positive results for children with Autism. This experience taught her the power of connection and love but also the challenges that came without her corporate income. In her quest to have financial stability she became a certified financial broker and educator. Even more, Sherrie learned that her own limited beliefs and blocks about money were largely linked to her new financial situation and overall well-being. Through this experience Sherrie has unlocked the potential that exists in each and every one to have M.O.R.E. in our lives. More money, more opportunities, more results, more experiences…to live their best life

Sherrie is a wife, a mom, a volunteer most recently in the autism community and she enjoys singing professionally with her husband in her spare time.

Sherrie is also a mentor and well-regarded expert in the field of finance, mindset and passion purpose coaching having been nominated for several awards. Now, after helping hundreds of people, she has a vision to help more people in creating MORE for themselves. As a certified financial educator and money relationship mentor, Sherrie Cameron is passionate about helping you navigate through the confusion and conformity of the typical institutional advice to embrace instead a more holistic perspective on how to achieve your life goals. In designing the
personalized money map that’s right for you, Sherrie is your proven tour guide to the world of abundance, your financial GPS guiding you down the Pathway to M.O.R.E.  Her strategic approach encompasses ALL the different nuances of money energy from the fundamental practicalities of investment, debt reduction, and income protection right on through to helping you release any obsolete, restrictive inner beliefs, thereby opening you up to the financially limitless life you deserve.