About The Divas That Care

Prima donna




Someone who expects special treatment

Difficult to please


Hard to work with

Please take a moment to think about what these terms and phrases bring to your mind. 

Hello, my name is Candace Gish and I am hard at work every single day in my mission to redefine the term DIVA. Now, I want you take a moment to imagine something with me.  After months of submitting press releases, participating in radio and podcast interviews, and attending countless networking events, your payoff is finally here.  You have landed a highly coveted meeting with a group of influential women who are all interested in hearing more about your product or service.  They would like to consider you for a substantial monetary donation and access to a large network of clients that fit your desired profile. 

You walk into the conference room with your business plan, marketing materials, and recommendations in hand, ready to slay this meeting.  You know that this opportunity was all you needed to get the buy-in to level up your business and nothing is going to stand in your way.  As you take a seat at the table, you feel empowered and excited to join forces with such a talented group of women.  That is until you notice that your grin is not returned by over half of the group of women.  You wonder why, until the first woman speaks up.  She tells you that while you’re track record is impressive and your business is thriving, they have extreme reservations about introducing you to their network because you have not worked well with other women in the past.  They say they have testimonies that you have refused to collaborate with like-minded people in need of your advisement.  They say you are…a diva. Over time, due to the fear and intimidation that powerful women present, our power has become monetized, stripped, and exploited.  But we recognize that now is the time to reclaim and rebrand that power with a positive spin. We can only do that collectively, as an informed and unified community.  There is power in numbers and the Divas That Care Network supports harmony, empowerment, and positivity, by uplifting one another as a race of women.

We stand rooted in the wake of the inspiring, trailblazing women of the past and present, who forge their way past obstacles and becoming way makers for existing and upcoming generations. 

This brings me to a favorite quote of mine:  “Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says, ‘I’m possible’.”

The brazen choices of women today and of the past have shaped my actions every single day.  Audrey Hepburn broke down the word impossible, which imprisons and deflects countless people daily and chose to mold it into a statement of empowerment.  That takes an enlightened mindset.  Those who have refused to yield for the barriers placed before them have gone on to do things that have shaped this world in unthinkable ways.  The impossible made possible.

I created the Divas That Care Network because I am the mother of four beautiful girls who look to me to model the hope and countless opportunities that lie in their futures.  I recognize and salute the power that a true DIVA holds.   A strong, informed, and empowered woman is a force to be reckoned with and admired.  She will not back down or accept no for an answer.  She works hard and pays her dues on her path to success, but not without often being overlooked and discounted by others, due to her self-assuredness.  She is a lover, a giver, loyal, and dedicated, but her passion is often mistaken for overconfidence.

The #divasthatcare movement is an ever-evolving movement of positivity and progression. It is a group of cohesive women working toward a common goal as way makers for the next generation.  These women also plan to pass on the tools and resources necessary for future generations to eagerly step up to the plate.  By defining your purpose, you can do tremendous things for people around you.  You can contribute to making the world a better place every single day.  The Divas That Care Change makers have walked the walk and are talking the talk and we do it one day at a time. 

As I mentioned previously, I am the mother of four smart, kind, and beautiful girls. They all happen to be competitive swimmers.  One day we were watching Finding Nemo, and I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the movie, but the main characters, Marlin and Dory were on a journey to find Marlin’s son Nemo. I distinctly remember Dory chanting to herself, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”  And for some reason, that just stuck with us.  So, from that point on, we would use it as a mantra to remind ourselves that we must keep going regardless of the nature of the challenge or obstacle they find themselves faced with.  Because of our shared motto, we have been able to just push through.  Nearly every day, life is going to present some tough situations that we all have to get through. 

Naysayers, declines in sales, failed product launches…just keep swimming. 

Unsatisfied customers, unreasonable social media algorithms, crossed boundaries…just keep swimming.

Flat out disrespect from members of our own and the opposite sex…just keep swimming!

My continued desire to provide a proper example for my girls inspired me to create the Divas That Care Network radio show eight years ago.  I wanted to enlighten, motivate, and inspire them by showcasing women of all ages, races, and backgrounds who have overcome adversities to claim personal and professional successes.  I have interviewed female authors promoting their books, their businesses, non-profits, and community events.  Over the last eight years, I have interviewed many women and I am so grateful for having taken away valuable lessons from each of them as a result.  I started this for my girls and it has ended up growing into a international movement. 

The women who have participated in the radio show have been able to use our platform as a way to provide positive content for their current and potential customers.  They have connected with others within the network and collaborated as power partners to strengthen each other’s businesses.  And now my girls and other young women like them have access to a database of testimonies of hundreds of amazing women to refer to in the future, no matter the issue, obstacle, or concern.

Strong women can unite and build each other up, despite what society may think.  We have the power to do so if we look outside of our personal gain and more into the reasons why were given the gifts and talents that we possess.

Eventually, I began compiling the moving stories of these women into books.  These published stories serve as yet another platform for these women to share their stories across the world.

Our new series, Young Divas That Care focuses on girls aged 14-20 who are willing to share their stories and testaments of trials and victories to inspire their peers. They are using their voices in innovative and positive ways to make the world a better place.  We are looking for young women who are involved, who stand up for social justice and what they believe in, are an example for others around her, and who inspire and evoke change.  We are looking for individuals who don’t conform to negativity and are a leader in their own right.

There are 13 ladies that join me as hosts on The Diva That Care Network podcast. We have a panel of artists, life coaches, models, mompreneurs, writers, and authors.  Our hosts are located in Canada, the US, and Europe. 

I felt it was important to give the women I have interviewed and have touched me in a special way their own platform.  They have promised to use it as a way to support others in their community.  They desire to expand their circle of influence to reach and empower more women.  In widening their networks, they are paying it forward and providing needed support by displaying more and more women in a positive light. 

A couple of things to take with you when leaving this About Page: take an opportunity to collaborate with women that have similar goals and aspirations whenever possible.  Actively seek out chances to assist, empower, and uplift others to form professional and personal sisterhoods.  Approach your obstacles with an objective and positive mindset that supports your overall mission, vision, and company values.

And above all else:

Just. Keep. Swimming.