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    About Me

    Over the years I came to understand that a constant and driving presence had always pushed me to change, grow, learn and look at myself with more honesty. That the loving presence of animals had brought companionship to a lonely girl, pushed me to find courage and do things I could never imagine, much less accomplish. Because of the love of horses, I became a horse trainer which soon revealed a person struggling with all relationships; human, financial, physical. The love of sheepherding and a Border Collie named Luke took me down the path of self-discovery. To become the person I wanted to be for the animals, I first had…

  • Naomi McDonald

    Episode 899 with Guest Regina Lorra

    Regina Lorra is a certified Fitness/Personal trainer, TRX and deep work instructor and sports nutrition specialist living just outside of Dusseldorf, Germany. She is also a former horse trainer. Regina is soon entering a school of healing arts.