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    Don’t Hide

    “Don’t push people to where you want them to be; meet them where they are.” – Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, Hubspot In this COVID Time, it’s easy to sit behind a computer screen, pushing content to social media and expect the sales to roll in. In fact, if you Google “small business marketing” most of the advice revolves around virtual marketing. Studies show that 97% of possible customers check you out online first. Your online presence is your introduction. We also know the easiest and fastest way to create trust and build your business is to meet people face to face so they get to know you. But in…

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    Love Your Money

    “Ultimately, we have a relationship to money just like we have a relationship to a partner. It requires attention, love, commitment and a vision for the long term.: — Amanda Abella, Millennial Business Coach Ask someone about the financial side of their micro-business and often you’ll hear the strangest things.  “It’s not my priority. I don’t understand all that stuff.” They may even make a little face and try to change the subject. The limiting belief that talking about money is ‘crass’ reared its ugly head. And that belief makes it a lot more difficult to build a thriving business. In our society we have a complicated relationship with money.…

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    10 Ways to Be a Socially Responsible Business

    Without restoring an ethos of social responsibility, there can be no meaningful and sustained economic recovery.” – Jeffrey Sachs These days, being a Socially Responsible Business isn’t just a feel-good buzzword. Companies that embrace this concept create a positive business reputation, often see increased sales, enhanced customer loyalty and perform better financially. They also have a greater ability to recruit and retain talented employees. And of course, they make a positive difference both locally and beyond. If you’re wondering how to go about becoming a more socially responsible business, here’s some tips to help. Establish a social mission. What are the values and vision of your business? If you’re not…

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    It’s Personal

    “Those who say “it’s not personal, it’s just business” are lying. All business is personal, and the best business is very personal.” – Rick Lenz If you run a small business or are a solo-preneur, you know in your heart this is true. Your business is an extension of what you believe in and are passionate about. All business is built on trust relationships. You need to look no further than Boeing to see what happens when trust is broken. I buy from you because I trust the product you’re selling. I work for you because I believe you will reimburse me for the time I devote to your business.…