Welcome To The Divas That Care Network

About The Divas

So, what does DIVAS stand for?

A woman who is Determined to reach her goals.

Individuals who celebrate their uniqueness.

Those who are Victorious in conquering their fears.

Someone who is Always ready to speak out about things that are important to them.

Someone who others are able to rely on.

As a fused group of women, we are always willing to reach out for the help we need and we aren’t too proud to ask for it.  This is due to the recognition and respect of the skills and talents of our network.  Utilizing other’s skills and assets to strengthen our own reach eliminates threats. Instead, we encourages and glorifying our fellow DIVAS’ successes.  We are not about competition, but about collaboration, cooperation, and celebration.  We eagerly team up to build a more united and informed community.  By focusing on how we can help others succeed, we introduce them to others in our network as well as supply them with the resources necessary for their self-growth and development.  As DIVAS, we are our sister’s keeper.

Candace Gish

Founder of The Divas That Care Network

I created the Divas That Care Network because I am the mother of four beautiful girls who look to me to model the hope and countless opportunities that lie in their futures. I recognize and salute the power that a true DIVA holds. A strong, informed, and empowered woman is a force to be reckoned with and admired. She will not back down or accept no for an answer. She works hard and pays her dues on her path to success, but not without often being overlooked and discounted by others, due to her self-assuredness. She is a lover, a giver, loyal, and dedicated, but her passion is often mistaken for overconfidence.