Giuliana & Debbie

Episode 1043 with Hosts Giuliana Melo & Debbie Labinski

Come and listen while Hosts Giuliana Melo and Debbie Labinski, shine sisters, who are spiritual teachers, angel intuitives, speakers and authors come together for a powerful podcast.

Their goal is to help empower your connection to the Divine.

These conversations will guide you to feel empowered, confident, and experience a deep inner trust in a power greater than us.

They are a soul sister team teaching and sharing about spiritual wellness. They came together years ago when they realized they had magic together.

They are heart centered soulpreneurs whose only intention is to shine their light each and every day being guided by the Divine.

When Giuliana and Debbie are attuned to the specifically angel energy, magical and joyful sparks fly.

Join them for enlightening conversations.

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