Joyce Benning

Episode 451 with guest Sandra Mendelson

Sandra Mendelson is a channel of consciousness via the
animal world, an animal communicator, author and speaker.
She brings forth wisdom and insights from the animal kingdom
for the benefit of humans. Her role in facilitating deeper
understanding between humans and non-humans evolved from
her work in human and animal nutrition and healing as a
Certified Polychromatic Light Therapist, Equine Photopuncture
Therapist and Health Coach.

Sandra’s first book, We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages
For An Awakening World (October 2017) – released along with
a deck of animal message cards – was an Amazon best seller
and Equus Film Festival Winnie Award winnerl. Now a series,
with a following in over 40 countries, “We Walk Beside You”
includes a children’s trilogy: The Secrets of The Animals, that
delivers animal messages to help children realize their own
intuitive gifts, including the ability to communicate with animals.

Sandra has appeared on Fox and CBS affiliate news shows and
over 50 radio shows and podcasts including Coast2Coast AM
with George Noory. She is currently working on a second We
Walk Beside You book, to share more from the animal kingdom.

Joyce Benning
Joyce Benning

Hello to all! I am a born, bred & raised country girl! Passion is caring for animals with a natural approach along with inspiring women to live a Robust Lifestyle! Dogs & horses have always been a huge part of my life. They have taught me so much about living a full life! My red heeler dog Groucho, whom is my Best Buddy has taught me to never give up and live with Faith not Fear! Their love for you is by the kindness and love you have in your heart. I enjoy inspiring women to love themselves for who they are as each one is created unique. I want to motivate women to realize their true given talents and not compare themselves to others. I want to empower women to share their talents to make the world a better place for all!