Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama

Episode 540 with guest Sandra Najuna

Sandra Najuna is the Senior Project Manager- Quality Contracts. Sandra is the Quality Management Liason for all
AHF Ryan White contracts in all 25 locations around the United States. Sandra has worked with health centers on several quality improvement projects to improve rates of viral load suppression and cervical cancer screening. Findings from these projects have been presented in a couple of local and international conferences such as International AIDS Conference, American of Public Health Association, and many more. Sandra facilitates quality management training for staff, audits, client advisory boards, and many other activities as health centers. Sandra is a member of BLACC, an AHF affinity group that brings together black-American cultural influencers and health advocates. Sandra has worked in healthcare for about ten years. She has a background in case management and global health project management. Sandra has a Masters of Public Health from University of Southern California (Go Trojans!) and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Sandra is originally from Uganda. Sandra enjoys traveling, hiking, all kinds of content on Netflix and Hulu, and AHF events.

Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama
Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama

Education: BA Social Work and Administration – Makerere University, Uganda (1975) Master of Community and Regional Planning (1983) and Ph.D. in Sociology (1988) from Iowa State University Masters of Divinity (2005) and Maters of Theological Studies (2007) from Wesley Theological Seminary Professional
Experience: Professor, Pastor, Author of 13 books, TV host of Diversity show on KPTS Channel 8, current host of “A Light from the Nile” on KSUN Radio.
Awards: Recipient of many Community Service Awards including: Promotion of International Friendship and Understanding Award by Iowa State University, Empowered Women in Wichita and Warrior Women Special Community, Church and School
Presentations: Understanding Africa, Obuntu (Human Essence) Approach to making Peace and Curbing Violence, Drumming, Storytelling and Poetry Workshops