Episode 757 with guest Sheila McMullen

Sheila McMullen is originally from Staten Island, New York but reside in the sunshine state by way of Jacksonville. She’s worked for a credit union for the last 6 years and has dedicated her career to educating and sharing her knowledge in underserve communities specifically to those that need help with the home buying process.

  • She is still a New York Giant Fan
  • Bachelors in Business Management/Not a Mathwiz but knows enough to be dangerous
  • Is passionate about helping people and enjoys volunteering
  • Quote to live by—We all make choices, and the thing I believe people miss is you DO always have a choice. Stop blaming people if it wasn’t the right one for them.


SheBa is the Founder of Sheba Consults LLC and Den Leader of SHeBA Women’s Empowerment Group which stands for She’s Better After it ALL. Born to empower women, Sheba’s life orchestration is empowerment through absolute truth and love wherever she goes. In honoring and acknowledging the investment of those who have helped to groom her from “A born leader” to “a GREAT leader” Sheba walks the talk, as a mentor to others. In concert with mentoring, Sheba educates. Simply put, she believes “To empower is to educate,” and she interweaves this principle in every area of her life. As such, she can be found regularly speaking the truth in love with signature “Sheba-style”, as a guest-speaker on podcasts, community forums and international women’s conferences.