Peggy & Kate

Meet Us

We Are A
Mother/Daughter Team

whose goal is to share metaphysical wisdom in order to help our listeners raise their spiritual consciousness.

For us, Metaphysical Mastery means not only hearing about the ancient wisdom teachings but applying them to daily life. There is so much ageless knowledge, information, that is a foundation for understanding who we are today and where we are headed as a species. But it is how we use it in our everyday human life that matters. How does it guide you? Are you more open to seeing potentials and possibilities?

Peggy Neligan

Peggy is Director of the Metaphysical Center in New Jersey and has taught their 13-level course of study several times.

Kate Neligan

Kate received her master's degree in Spiritual Psychology then encouraged Peggy to follow in the program, so they share the practical tools and practices in using the wisdom teachings.

“Meta“ means “beyond,” and metaphysics deals with that which lies beyond the physical. It includes the physical but also that which cannot be perceived with only the five senses. Metaphysics, then, is applied philosophy.

Metaphysical Mastery won’t offer all the answers, but it is a tool for thinking through the big questions about humanity and the universe: who am I, what is my purpose, where do I fit into the Universe, what is consciousness, what is the Cosmic Source, is there free will, and what does all of this mean to me?

We hope this exploration each month on different topic will educate, enlighten, and encourage your spiritual growth. There is an ancient esoteric saying: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. We invite you to bring an open mind to the teachings in Metaphysical Mastery and see if it resonates with your Soul.