Candace Gish,  Our Mothers, Our Daughters

My Beautiful Miracle (Jennifer & Lauren Herron)

Jennifer Herron has had a deep love for helping others from a very young age. Being born to a very large family, the youngest of ten siblings. She also loves animals and spending time in nature. Jennifer began serving and empowering others as a licensed social worker in 1997. Shortly after she and her husband began their own family by fostering and having two biological children. In 1999, their first born daughter Lauren was born prematurely with health and developmental needs. She is a miracle and light that has shifted our lives and expanded our hearts so deeply. Over the last 23 years the mission has grown from helping others, to empowering others to become their true divine self. Embracing all of them, all the beautiful gifts and letting go of limiting beliefs and labels As everyone is a gift from God and a divine miracle for this world. By letting go and trusting God he has opened doors and blessed us with unlocking the unique and miraculous gifts within. Lauren has taught our family to embrace who you are and allow the natural gifts to shine through. In 2002, our biological son Noah was born. He is an absolute miracle. He also had some health challenges in his early years with asthma/immunity issues. Through the early journey and experience with Lauren we learned to begin to explore and trust a more natural path. As a mom, Jennifer has been on a humble journey of trusting and surrendering to control and external intervention with her kiddos unique health journeys. Being a mom it has been an honor to witness and empower my children as God created them to be. They are a miracle and a gift from our creator. Jennifer is currently encouraging others as an empowerment coach. By sharing her practice of letting go of labels and going inward and embracing God’s Miracles and natural gifts within.

Candace Gish

Candace Gish is a motivator and empowering change agent who understands the challenges women face while finding success in their everyday lives and businesses. She is an advocate for mentorship and strong, supportive networks. Her four daughters and wonderful husband have inspired her to create a better world, thus the Divas That Care Network was born. Candace enjoys connecting with goal-oriented women and a commitment to make a difference. She believes in the power of women converging to implement change and has ensured that the purpose of Divas That Care movement quantifies just that.