Animal Prints On My Soul,  Kathy Mackison

Whispers from an Angel (Daphne Mcdonagh)

Daphne McDonagh is an energy healing facilitator and wellness practitioner. She works with animals and people who are experiencing physical or emotional pain. She knows and believes that our bodies are our best healers, and when we give the body what it needs, it will heal and regenerate itself. At age 15, she experienced a massive closed head brain injury where she was not expected to survive, and she knows what it takes to heal.
Daphne is honoured to offer in-person and distance healing energy work for animals and people that are committed to healing themselves. She  offers individual or joint healing sessions for you and your pet. Daphne has been facilitating healings for animals and people for over 20 years and has clients all over the globe. 
Through the power of healing intent, along with sacred geometry tools, cold laser, and crystal therapy, you will receive healing vibrations anywhere in the world. Unwind from the stress and dis-ease of life.  Dissolve trapped energies and physical pain. Raise your vibration. Balance, restore and rejuvenate energy in you and your pet.
Daphne received her Rehabilitation Practitioner Diploma from Grant MacEwan University in 2000. She also holds a Diploma in Animal Sciences from the International Career School of Canada and a Healing with Crystals Diploma from the Universal College of Reflexology. She is an International Best-Selling Author, a Public Speaker who has been interviewed on various international podcasts and shows and been published in several national magazines.

Kathy Mackison
Kathy Mackison

Kathy Lynn Mackison is the creator of the AWKWARDly Beautiful Life. Coach Kat Lynn got her start in accounting at a big four accounting firm. In her 22 year career, she was moved by her employers to 8 states and promoted numerous times, eventually she become the Chief Financial Officer for an aerospace company. During her time in corporate, Kat Lynn led teams of over 100, across 8 countries.
Despite amazing results in her corporate career, Kat Lynn was unfulfilled. She had become so busy pursuing a worldly title and salary that she lost herself. She woke up at age 45 realizing she had been living a life of hurry and worry which had her very stuck. Kat Lynn sought coaching and returned to the Bible, the inspired Word of God. She found whole life balance (spirit, heart, mind and body) and realized that her mission from heavenly Father was much bigger than to sit behind a desk for the rest of her life.
Roll forward five years and Kat Lynn (aka Coach krazy Kat) has launched the AWKWARDly Beautiful Life and published a book series Journey through Stuck: 7 AWKWARD steps from stuck to your beautiful life. Through the AWKWARDly Beautiful Life, Coach krazy Kat offers programs designed to help busy women rely on the Word of God as their life compass so they can un-hurry, un-worry and boldly walk with Jesus.
Her latest program is the DO LESS Bootcamp that is available in January 2022. The Bootcamp is designed around a technique named 15 minutes with the Father where we eliminate Hurry and Worry and get rid of our to do list by allowing the Father to direct our steps day by day. The goal is to help sisters make 2022 a year of Kingdom Building.