Naomi McDonald

About Me

Over the years I came to understand that a constant and driving presence had always pushed me to change, grow, learn and look at myself with more honesty. That the loving presence of animals had brought companionship to a lonely girl, pushed me to find courage and do things I could never imagine, much less accomplish.

Because of the love of horses, I became a horse trainer which soon revealed a person struggling with all relationships; human, financial, physical. The love of sheepherding and a Border Collie named Luke took me down the path of self-discovery. To become the person I wanted to be for the animals, I first had to know, and accept myself.

Through my journey with Luke and the horses I was drawn to study shamanism, animal communication, meta and quantum physics, and much more. After Luke earned his angel wings, I felt a calling to share the story of this magnificent dog and my life as a trainer. This plunged me into unknown and to do something I never wanted to or thought I could do, I wrote the book Away To Me, My Love: A Sheepdog’s Tale Of Two Lives. Our story has helped countless others find courage and understanding within themselves.


When I was confused or doubtful about a theory, philosophy, or concept an animal would appear as a client or personal pet to help me find my own truth. My book, They Sing To Our Souls: The Animals Speak is the result of the lessons that my clients and I learned during my fifteen years as a professional animal communicator. Many of these podcasts are a companion to the stories in my book I use to share practical tools that provide comfort in times of loss, the ability to use imagination to create the life we want, and the courage to uncover hidden beliefs that hold us back.

Today, I’m grateful for the desire and passion I’ve had to fully explore my full potential and manifest the fulfilled life I live as a mother of one, grandmother of two, and a dancing and biking partner to a wonderful husband.

The Words That Work platform is based on the belief that every person in the Earth University School carries within in them a spark of the Divine and the desire to evolve. I believe that each being on the  planet is in some stage of recognizing the beauty that lies within. And each and every person deserves to feel the joy of puppy kisses, contentment of a purr and to see themselves through the eyes of an animal’s unconditional love.