• Candace Gish

    Episode 902 with Guest Jean Kanokogi

    Jean Kanokogi, Ph.D. is a recently retired Senior Special Agent for the US Government with extensive experience in conducting criminal and administrative investigations.  With a career spanning for over 25 years in law enforcement, Jean has been the lead investigator on several high-profile cases, some including the attacks on 9/11 and many that focus on protecting public health.She is a sought-after speaker and presenter in corporate, law enforcement, and mental health arenas because she is a relatable badass! Between executing search and arrest warrants, she connects with people through her expertise in resilience, emotional intelligence, deception detection, interrogation skills, firearms/martial arts tactics, and humor – she keeps it real. She presented…

  • Joyce Benning

    Episode 901 with Guest Kate Neligan

    Kate Neligan is an equine-partnered coach, healer, and animal communicator whose life’s work is devoted to the human-animal bond. Kate pairs her intuitive gifts with those of the horses to help people access their own inner power and connect to their life purpose. Kate has been a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, corporate marketing VP, and Huffington Post writer. She has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is certified in Equine Experiential Education. In equine coaching sessions, she facilitates life-changing transformation with horses and humans around the country. In animal communication sessions, she bridges humans and their beloved pets for conversations and healings that spark positive change.

  • Joyce Benning

    Episode 900 with Guest Beth Lauren Parrish

    Beth Lauren Parrish is a Certified Level 3 CHA Riding Instructor and Level 1 Certified Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor. She has taught thousands of lessons for the past 20 years across the United States, and now teaches worldwide remotely. Beth has an unrelenting passion to improve her life and anyone else’s life that she comes into contact with. With her business, Inspired Riding, Beth has created courses, meditations, and a journal for Inspired Riders to help them become more confident and connected with their horses. She teaches equestrians to trust their intuition and have conversations with their horses telepathically, which sets up each horse and rider to have the best co-creative dances possible.

  • Naomi McDonald

    Episode 899 with Guest Regina Lorra

    Regina Lorra is a certified Fitness/Personal trainer, TRX and deep work instructor and sports nutrition specialist living just outside of Dusseldorf, Germany. She is also a former horse trainer. Regina is soon entering a school of healing arts.

  • Candace Gish

    Episode 898 with Guest Brianna Coon

    As a virtual business consultant and a social media strategist Brianna Coon provides business owners with impactful services to make their work-life more enjoyable. Assisting you with all aspects of day-to-day business operations as well as building a social media and marketing strategy specifically tailored to your goals. With five years of experience in the real estate industry and many more in customer service, when it comes to the impact Brianna can create for you and your business, the possibilities are limitless!

  • Giuliana & Debbie

    Episode 897 with Hosts Giuliana Melo & Debbie Labinski

    Come and listen while Hosts Giuliana Melo and Debbie Labinski, shine sisters, who are spiritual teachers, angel intuitives, speakers and authors come together for a powerful podcast. Their goal is to help empower your connection to the Divine. These conversations will guide you to feel empowered, confident, and experience a deep inner trust in a power greater than us. They are a soul sister team teaching and sharing about spiritual wellness. They came together years ago when they realized they had magic together. They are heart centered soulpreneurs whose only intention is to shine their light each and every day being guided by the Divine. When Giuliana and Debbie are…

  • Christina Spoletini

    Episode 896 with Guest Vickie Dickson

    Vickie Dickson was going through life, as many of us do, racking up successes and living her life on auto-pilot, in her role as a retail store owner. A crisis in her father’s health and then her own health crisis, forced her to take a good hard look at her lifestyle and get serious about making some changes. A Manifesting Generator in Human Design, Vickie LOVES to work and must be fueled by the RIGHT WORK in order to be happy and well. With a near empty nest, Vickie closed her store and headed back to school to study Holistic Health. After almost a decade in practice as a nutritionist…

  • Christina Spoletini

    Episode 895 with Guest Corby Furrow

    Despite outward success, Corby Furrow felt like an impostor, a chronic people-pleaser and over-giver, she had been clinging to her prestigious job for 25 years, only to realize that once it was gone, so was her sense of self-worth. On a journey back to herself she found a simple technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques – which saved her life. Today she supports and empowers Women Who Lead, by healing triggers, eliminating anxieties and becoming unwavering in who they truly are. Corby is a Certified Executive Coach, a Chartered Professional of Human Resources, a Certified EFT Trainer, a speaker, and facilitator. Her favorite title is that of grammy, all the love…

  • Joyce Benning

    Episode 894 with Guest Lorie Murphey

    Hello, my name is Lorie Murphey. I was born into a large family in Oregon . I’m number 8 of 9. I grew up camping, hunting and fishing with my family. I love the outdoors and especially being in the mountains. I have one amazing daughter and a crazy love for Jesus and horses.

  • Dawn Lloyd

    Episode 893 with Host Dawn Lloyd

    I’m Dawn Lloyd, a Power Coach who guides women around the world to tap into their power within. I help them understand that every passion, whether dormant or alive, can create endless opportunities. After healing from decades of living with violence I was able to turn it into a gift. My unique process helps my clients bring their best version to the surface as they move beyond their perceived limits and become empowered to create the life of their dreams. My mission is to support women in getting visible and sharing their message on a global scale. I do that through my show about Angels that is coming soon. In…


    Episode 892 with Guest Coach Vuyanzi

    Coach Vuyanzi is a Transformational Life Caoch, TEDx Spreaker, Keynotes and Motivational Speaker who support individuals across the globe.  Helping them show up powerfully, connect to their purpose, lead effectively and achieve their desires.