Candace Gish

Episode 488 with guest Amanda Relyea-Voss

Amanda Relyea-Voss, owner and visionary behind Like a Voss Social Media, believes in accenting the ‘social’ in your social media marketing, and through it making your company shine brighter than ever before. Over the past 10 years she has and continues to share her community-focused mindset with hundreds of start-ups and established brands alike, taking their social media game to the next level through her passion, dedication, and true love for differentiating businesses in their marketing through passion and storytelling. With the help of an advanced diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications, as well as a diploma in Advertising, Amanda has built her business in becoming an unparalleled resource for anyone looking to learn about social media and any company looking to refine their advertising and marketing strategy to reach their goals like
never before. Amanda’s social media marketing journey began in running the events and promotions department for Candian Kiosk, being exposed to a variety of businesses that were fascinated with her ability to grow a business through their social media. One day, she decided to go for it, spontaneously creating a website and logo, starting her own business from the ground up. Within 4 months, she was supporting herself solely through her own social media marketing business. Having been nominated twice
for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards (2019/2020), Amanda is a force to be reckoned with. Originally, Amanda was drawn to social media for its great capacity to connect and build relationships, finding communities that share similar values, and ultimately bring people together. It is this mindset that drives Like a Voss Social Media, differentiating their business from competitors in the industry through= passion and community building, rather than simply corralling ‘clientele’. Simply put, Amanda and her team look to lend their services to businesses that they are genuinely excited about, their authentic approach and incredible company values being showcased in every part of their work, attitude, and everyday lives.

Candace Gish
Candace Gish

Candace Gish is a motivator and empowering change agent who understands the challenges women face while finding success in their everyday lives and businesses. She is an advocate for mentorship and strong, supportive networks. Her four daughters and wonderful husband have inspired her to create a better world, thus the Divas That Care Network was born. Candace enjoys connecting with goal-oriented women and a commitment to make a difference. She believes in the power of women converging to implement change and has ensured that the purpose of Divas That Care movement quantifies just that.

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