Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama

Episode 489 with guest Pat Andersen

As one of the leaders and top earners in my company, I am dedicated to helping everyone achieve both their health and financial goals. I enjoy working with people that want to change their lives for the better and those around them.

My professional experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Holistic Doctor, Manufacturer of Natural Health Products, Champion Quarter Horse Breeder, Teacher and Trainer, coupled with my passion for helping others has been the driving force of my success.

I am very passionate about working with our Team to help them achieve their goals, as I know that I succeed only when our Team succeeds. Together with focus and shared vision, we have created a team of leaders, enjoying their Life Unlimited through the benefits of passive residual income. If you are looking for a means of creating residual income, we have the skills, experience and track record to get you and your contacts started and the ability to provide follow-up. In essence we all have a vested interest in your success. What I love
about this profession is that I get to work when I want, where I want and with whom I want. I work from
my home or at the beach and all I need is a phone and a computer to do my business.

My goal is to help as many people as I can to be the best they can be. Healthy and wealthy shouldn’t be hard.

Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama
Akiiki Daisy Kabagarama

Education: BA Social Work and Administration – Makerere University, Uganda (1975) Master of Community and Regional Planning (1983) and Ph.D. in Sociology (1988) from Iowa State University Masters of Divinity (2005) and Maters of Theological Studies (2007) from Wesley Theological Seminary Professional
Experience: Professor, Pastor, Author of 13 books, TV host of Diversity show on KPTS Channel 8, current host of “A Light from the Nile” on KSUN Radio.
Awards: Recipient of many Community Service Awards including: Promotion of International Friendship and Understanding Award by Iowa State University, Empowered Women in Wichita and Warrior Women Special Community, Church and School
Presentations: Understanding Africa, Obuntu (Human Essence) Approach to making Peace and Curbing Violence, Drumming, Storytelling and Poetry Workshops