Winnie & Emaghea

Episode 512 with guest Carolynne Melnyk

Carolynne is a gifted teacher, spiritual coach and intuitive, who has always known there was more to life than which could be seen, understood or touched.  She is a professional educator with a B.Ed & MA with over 25 experience, an intuitive coach, a Spring Forest Qigong Trainer and healer and a shaman.  Over the years, she has guided many individuals to transform their lives using Qigong and a deeper understanding of the nature of thought.  This guidance has helped others deal with stress, anxiety, a major illness, grief and being overwhelmed by life. 

 Winnie & Emaghea Lau
Winnie & Emaghea Lau

Our goal is to help parents set up a cashflow system for their children 7 to 11 years old in 30 to 45 days.
This cashflow system will guide parents to lead their children to feel empowered, confident, and experience a deep inner self trust in their ability to make the best decisions with their money for life. It’s a great way to ensure their financial success and independence.
We are a mother daughter DUO teaching an online program together – making this unique. You get to have the parents point of view on how she raised her daughter on this system and a daughter who is a living example that this system works and affects her life in more ways than just being financially confident.