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Episode 571 with guest Laurie Cline

Laurie Cline is a wife, mom of 2 grown boys and a grandmother of one. She earned a B.S degree in Computer Information Systems from Western Kentucky University and has worked as a software developer for over 28 years. Laurie and her family were living the dream when her husband suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury that left him disabled and their young son also had a serious health scare. She had to dig deep into her faith to discover the truths about God’s love for his children, even in the face of devastating circumstances. Writing became an outlet during her difficult season in life and after prompting from God, decided to write her story and start a blog. She is in the final stages of publishing her first book. Counting It All Joy and also writes on her new faith based blog. Laurie is a devoted follower of Jesus and has a passion for helping others through her writing to discover their joy through difficult seasons of life.

Kathy Mackison, aka Coach Krazy Kat
Kathy Mackison, aka Coach Krazy Kat

Howdy Ya’ll, I am Kathy Lynn Mackison, aka Coach krazy Kat ~ the Tour Guide from Stuck. I help people move through Stuck so they can courageously move into their Beautiful Life.
I was an accounting professional for twenty-two years, taking positions of increasing responsibility and living in eight states. I am now living in South Carolina next to my beloved grandparents, Rose and Charlie Byrd. We live on #byrdfarm, where my grandfather Charlie was born in 1931.
I am a published author of AWKWARDly Beautiful, 7 AWKWARD Steps from Stuck to Your Beautiful Life. I am CEO of AWKWARDly Beautiful, which helps people moving through stuck with books, coaching programs, blogs and support. 
I am also passionate about helping people!  My current focus is Team LEE.  LEE stands for Loving Everyone Eternally.  Team Lee was founded by my cousin Ashley Fuller. Team LEE is a group of individuals who are committed to serving others who live in impoverished areas around the world. Our current focus is Uganda, where the level of poverty is almost incomprehensible. Ashley is working to move to Uganda, and I am dedicating 100% of the profits from my book to Team LEE and other organizations like it.