Episode 736 with guest Michelle Hrycauk Nassif

Michelle is the Founder of I AM A Feminine Leader offering bespoke business consulting and mentorship to women in career transition specializing in community building, business and career development, and life coaching.

As a stay-at-home mom turned Founder, Michelle transitioned back into the workforce during the pandemic and knows intimately the struggles all parents face with managing career and home life. Michelle’s unique approach enables women to transcend the norms of the nuclear family, define success on their own terms, and embody their purpose.

Michelle helps women Identify, Articulate, and Embody their unique leadership style so they can project their leader’s voice, transform lived experiences into powerful lessons, and take inspired action creating a more meaningful life for themselves and their families.

Michelle is also the Writer and Creative Director of I AM Editorials, a personal memoir series inviting mothers and daughters to connect intimately with their feminine power, transform lived experiences into powerful lessons, and model authenticity for their families and communities.

Michelle supports local and international clients virtually and is available in-person in Puerto Rico.


SheBa is the Founder of Sheba Consults LLC and Den Leader of SHeBA Women’s Empowerment Group which stands for She’s Better After it ALL. Born to empower women, Sheba’s life orchestration is empowerment through absolute truth and love wherever she goes. In honoring and acknowledging the investment of those who have helped to groom her from “A born leader” to “a GREAT leader” Sheba walks the talk, as a mentor to others. In concert with mentoring, Sheba educates. Simply put, she believes “To empower is to educate,” and she interweaves this principle in every area of her life. As such, she can be found regularly speaking the truth in love with signature “Sheba-style”, as a guest-speaker on podcasts, community forums and international women’s conferences.