Christina Spoletini

Episode 904 with Guest Michelle Ferguson

Elite Director & Social Marketer with an e-Commerce brand in Health & Wellness

Michelle is an Unofficially Certified Lifter-Upper, Mother, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Ruthless Popcorn Addict

Her story is not unlike your own. She has fallen down, had doors slammed in her face, battled self-doubt and had to start over… and over.

“How are you so dang positive?” is a question she gets asked frequently. Listen in as she shares how she sustains her joy and positivity, not only when life is good, but also during The Bad and The Ugly.

Tina Spoletini
Tina Spoletini

Success stylist Tina Spoletini combines her formidable fashion flair with personalized mentorship sessions on self-love and confidence-building, helping her clients feel fabulous, dressing in ensembles complimenting their various body shapes and sizes. Growing up as a plus-sized beauty, like many women who don’t “fit” in, Tina found herself at odds with society’s sizeist perspective on the female physical ideal. But, even though shopping in a world made for smaller women could be an exercise in futility and self-loathing, the right outfit that flattered her curves would always come through, erasing any self-destructive thoughts and making her feel gorgeous and revitalized. Tina quickly learned that she had to find her own way to stand out with distinctive accessories and touches of self-expression. Enhancing any outfit, no matter how casual, with eye-catching jewellery has become her signature look. Circumstances may have compromised her own self-esteem at times, but everything has come together to make Tina Spoletini even more determined to use her talents and training to help other women re-discover themselves and build the confidence they need to live the life they imagine. After all, chic comes in every shape!