Gia-Raquel Rose

Meet Gia-Raquel

Gia-Raquel Rose, owner of Airs Above Yoga, LLC and a real estate sales associate in
Tewksbury, New Jersey has had a love for horses stemming from early childhood.

Mr. Pibb

Growing up in “horse country” afforded her the privilege of beginning to ride from the tender age of four. It was a childhood illness, which brought her riding aspirations to an abrupt halt. It took twenty years before she was able to reunite with her long lost passion for horses and their ability to heal. In that time, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication from Arcadia University and became a twice two hundred hour certified yoga instructor in both Hatha and Vinyasa. It was the loss of her mother, Rose, to breast cancer, which ultimately shifted her trajectory from the corporate world to the internal work for which yoga, as a practice, is renowned.

"May you be blessed with appreciation for your health and that of your loved ones, finding gratitude in every breath."

Airs Above Yoga, while tailored to the Equestrian, also focuses on injury rehabilitation. Since childhood, Gia-Raquel has suffered both chronic and acute injuries and is able to offer her clients ways to reintegrate their bodies in accommodation with their recovery. Over the years she  has worked extensively with private clients both outside and within the equestrian community. Having lived in Philadelphia, New York, and most recently Santa Monica California, her heart has always remained where she was born and raised. Deciding to return home to Hunterdon County has allowed her to keep rooted in the land she loves, while giving wings to her love of helping others heal wherever they may be.

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