Heather Driedger

Meet Heather Driedger

Heather Driedger is a certified and licensed health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in
New York. Along with her skills as an Alberta certified teacher and Angel Empowerment Practitioner she
has enjoyed many years of empowering people and clients through her coaching, speaking, teaching and
her book ‘Living Joy – Empowering Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress.’

Essential Oils have been part of her wellness protocols for over 25 years. Since joining doTERRA in 2019 she experienced the purest essential oils in the world and witnessed the positive impact on both sides of the bottle. 

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She is deeply passionate about being an ‘Impact Advocate’ – a wellness advocate who share the doTERRA pursuit of positive impact; for those who use the oils and those who grow and distill the oils globally thru co-impact sourcing.

Seeing the smile on people’s faces when they experienced the oils and learning the diverse ways oils are used inspired her podcast ‘Smile, there’s an Oil for that!’ She is a certified doTERRA Aroma Touch Practitioner and offers private sessions incorporating sound healing and angelic guidance for the session.

Heather Driedger

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Heather and her husband Tim reside in the Alberta Foothills in Canada on her great grandfather’s Homestead of 1896. She delights in the role as Grandma caring for the 6th generation young grandson.

Together Tim and Heather are cultivating community with gardening, farming and operating the WJ Homestead Disc Golf Course. Heather is happiest in her garden, out on the land or experimenting in the kitchen with new essential oil recipes.