• Candace Gish

    Episode 790 with guest Liberty Miller

    Liberty Miller is the owner/operator of 13 Ravens Coffee & Books and The Train Wreck in Seward, Alaska. A photojournalist by trade, she has traveled the world as a Foreign Correspondent. She has published three books and is an active volunteer and advocate for restorative justice within prisons.

  • Joyce Benning

    Episode 789 with Guest Beth Lauren Parrish

    Beth Lauren Parrish is a Certified Level 3 CHA Riding Instructor and Level 1 Certified Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor. She has taught thousands of lessons for the past 20 years across the United States, and now teaches worldwide remotely. Beth has an unrelenting passion to improve her life and anyone else’s life that she comes into contact with. With her business, Inspired Riding, Beth has created courses, meditations, and a journal for Inspired Riders to help them become more confident and connected with their horses. She teaches equestrians to trust their intuition and have conversations with their horses telepathically, which sets up each horse and rider to have the best co-creative dances possible.

  • Joyce Benning

    Episode 788 with guest Kate Neligan

    Kate Neligan is an equine-partnered coach, healer, and animal communicator whose life’s work is devoted to the human-animal bond. Kate pairs her intuitive gifts with those of the horses to help people access their own inner power and connect to their life purpose. Kate has been a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, corporate marketing VP, and Huffington Post writer. She has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is certified in Equine Experiential Education. In equine coaching sessions, she facilitates life-changing transformation with horses and humans around the country. In animal communication sessions, she bridges humans and their beloved pets for conversations and healings that spark positive change.

  • Peggy & Kate

    Episode 786 with Hosts Peggy & Kate Neligan

    Come and listen while Hosts Kate and Peggy Neligan share metaphysical wisdom in order to help listeners raise their spiritual consciousness. We Are A Mother/Daughter Team whose goal is to share metaphysical wisdom in order to help our listeners raise their spiritual consciousness. For us, Metaphysical Mastery means not only hearing about the ancient wisdom teachings but applying them to daily life. There is so much ageless knowledge, information, that is a foundation for understanding who we are today and where we are headed as a species. But it is how we use it in our everyday human life that matters. Connect With Peggy Connect With Kate

  • Dr Irena Kay

    Episode 785 with guest Michelle Bateman

    Michelle Bateman is the founder & CEO of Soul Journey and creator of the Soulful Impact Business Academy. She’s a Confidence & Clarity Coach, international speaker and facilitator that helps women & SOULpreneurs gain clarity in their life and business, uncover the fears and doubts that are holding them back so they can confidently walk into the room and create the impact and income they deserve. She empowers women to fully step into who they were created to be and give themselves permission to be leaders from an authentic and aligned space within them.

  • Joyce Benning

    Episode 784 with guest Danielle Ramirez

    Danielle is a mother of three, prospective psychology student, and has worked in the nonprofit sector in places like Wichita, Lawrence, and Kansas City for fifteen years. She has led projects related to substance use prevention, food insecurity, behavioral health, advocacy, youth empowerment and more. She values equity and believes cultural humility is vital for individual, organizational, and community progress. Her passion for collaboration has helped build important partnerships locally and across the state. Throughout her life, Danielle has dealt with trauma and adversity through reading, writing, and connecting with others. Her passion for growth, community, and the art of writing is what led her to pursue this grassroots, collaborative…

  • Candace Gish

    Episode 783 with guest Rhonda Armour

    Real life and real coaching. Rhonda understands the demands on time, feeling torn between career and home life. Nutrition, exercise, and overall self-care, often fall last on a long list of priorities. She lived this life, but chose to make her own magic and share that to empower other people. Rhonda offers nutrition and lifestyle coaching that blends with your life. She creates an accountability system that works for the individual, developing specific techniques and queues that work just right for her clients. Rhonda wants to end that roller coaster of health, and the shout of internal voices that question your willpower, capability, and commitment from programs that simply haven’t…

  • Candace Gish

    Episode 782 with guest Phyl Macomber 

    Since completing a fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Kennedy-Krieger Institute in 1988, Phyl Macomber has become an award- winning keynote speaker, bestselling author, and education specialist. Phyl has consulted with and trained thousands of teaching staff around the world. She was featured in the international best seller, the Common Threads Trilogy book series, as one of the top 100 empowering women from around the globe for being a passionate catalyst for systems change in education. In addition, Phyl worked with the television crew of ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with onsite identification, delivery, and set-up of design and technologies for a child in his new home, which was being built…

  • Jenny Powers

    Meet Jenny

    Jenny Powers is a bestselling author, a motivational speaker and a transformational life coach.  She is the founder of The Empowered Woman and the creator of The Empowered Woman Experience.  She is the author of EMPOWERED: The Woman’s Guide to Following Your Heart and an experienced ICF Certified Coach.  She is the also the innovator and creator of 100 DAYS OF YOU, which is a 3-month transformational coaching program that is changing the world by awakening every woman to her best self. Jenny has spent much of her life traveling around the world, seeking to live the best life that she can live and fulfilling her passion for adventure, for…


    Episode 781 with guest Halisi Ali- El

    Halisi brings passion, excitement, and awareness to everything she does. Her authentic voice is evident in the many gifts she brings to the world; as a life coach/ healer she supports her clients as they acknowledge their emotions, feelings and learn how to authentically express themselves; as an activist within the community supports local businesses bolster their mission through strategic planning and community edutainment events; as an original performer she goes by the name Wizdom Wordsmith— where she still is educating and dropping bars on self love and the Womanhood experience!  As an author Halisi is inspired by her own happy place as a child in spite of the chaos.…