Christina Spoletini

Episode 1122 with Guest Rhetah Kwan

Rhetah Kwan is a rare person you might meet once or twice in a lifetime. An Inspiring life catalyst, Homeopathic Consultant, Certified Life Coach, best-selling author, global entrepreneur, focusing on teaching people to live and enjoy a life without limits.

Rhetah profoundly transformed countless individuals, elevating their holistic wellbeing and lifestyle to new heights.

She has a gift for everyone listening …. They can go to her website, click on Free Gift and download it — MyCircle of Health comes with a complimentary session with her!

Christina Spoletini

Success stylist Tina Spoletini combines her formidable fashion flair with personalized mentorship sessions on self-love and confidence-building, helping her clients feel fabulous, dressing in ensembles complimenting their various body shapes and sizes. Growing up as a plus-sized beauty, like many women who don’t “fit” in, Tina found herself at odds with society’s sizeist perspective on the female physical ideal. But, even though shopping in a world made for smaller women could be an exercise in futility and self-loathing, the right outfit that flattered her curves would always come through, erasing any self-destructive thoughts and making her feel gorgeous and revitalized. Tina quickly learned that she had to find her own way to stand out with distinctive accessories and touches of self-expression. Enhancing any outfit, no matter how casual, with eye-catching jewellery has become her signature look. Circumstances may have compromised her own self-esteem at times, but everything has come together to make Tina Spoletini even more determined to use her talents and training to help other women re-discover themselves and build the confidence they need to live the life they imagine. After all, chic comes in every shape!