Sabine Matharu

Episode 1139 with Guest Georgia Fitzgerald

Georgia is committed to empowering business owners to transition away from a hectic role they’ve created for themselves and step into the role of CEO of a business they love. By cultivating a dependable, high-achieving, and revenue-generating team, you can redirect your time and energy towards making a profound impact at the next level.
After a diverse career spanning corporate operations roles and startup ventures, Georgia spent the last six years of her city career in recruitment and headhunting before escaping London for the mountains. She retrained as a Business Coach and for the last 5yrs has been supporting founders and small business owners as a coach, recruiter, and team operations strategist. Working in these areas, Georgia noticed a common thread between corporate and online spaces – a lack of team and leadership knowledge.
With a passion for connecting people and helping them excel, Georgia’s mission is to guide leaders to build efficient teams that don’t demand constant oversight.
Her goal? To help you create a team so reliable that you could take six months away from the business without missing a beat.

Sabine Matharu

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