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Episode 1162 with Guest Mia Frankl

I am super excited to have this amazing guest expert – Mia Frankl.

Mia shares her background, explaining how she initially followed the traditional path of going to school and getting a good job, as encouraged by her mother. However, she felt a deeper calling and explored entrepreneurship through multi-level marketing and an online business management service. In 2022-2023, Mia experienced a spiritual shift that led her to launch her current coaching and healing business, Powerful Ink.

Balancing employment and entrepreneurship
Mia discusses how she has been able to successfully balance her full-time job and her entrepreneurial pursuits. She emphasizes that people don’t have to choose one or the other, and that there are benefits to maintaining both. Mia shares her strategies for staying organized and focused while juggling multiple commitments.

Overcoming self-imposed limitations
Mia talks about the importance of overcoming one’s own self-imposed limitations and complacency in order to reach a higher level of performance and fulfillment. She uses the analogy of a gold medal Olympian to illustrate the dedication and intentionality required to achieve one’s goals.

Avoiding comparison and finding your own path
Sabine and Mia discuss the tendency to compare oneself to others, especially successful online entrepreneurs. They emphasize the importance of finding your own authentic path and not getting caught up in the unrealistic expectations or “shiny object syndrome” that can come from constantly consuming content from others.

Serving a greater purpose
Mia shares a powerful message about how each person has an extraordinary purpose, and that by embracing that purpose and showing up authentically, we can have a positive impact on others. She emphasizes the importance of getting out of one’s own way and being responsible to the role we are meant to fulfill.

Mia’s background
Mia is a mom, employee, entrepreneur, a teacher, a healer and a sage. As someone who has belittled herself for the majority of her life to date, she is now truly embodying her right to her worthiness. The practice of detachment, creating an anchored sense of self and embodying this, has completely blown open how she can share her heart and wisdom in the world. Get inspired insights to free yourself from yourself by living a powherfull life and running a powherfull business!

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