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Episode 1160 with Guest Lolitha Terry

Lolitha Terry is the CEO and founder of P5B Enterprises.  Through P5B,  Lolitha is a serial entrepreneur, she is the owner and founder of The N’VEA GROUP(National Virtual Executive Assistants Group) which is a Virtual Assistant Company that helps Business Owners with Administrative needs and Consulting.  She’s also a speaker for women’s conferences and events nationally.  Lolitha is the author of “The P5 Blessings, From Pain to Peace, Purpose, Prosperity and Power”.  She is also the creative genius behind “Girl Get Your Power Back”, a movement that will  inspire Single Mothers, Women, and Young Girls to seek divine healing, enter into peace, discover their purpose, experience abundance and prosperity in all aspects of life.  She shares her life journey of being a single mother, homeless, broke, and becoming very ill to help others understand how she’s had to live out her book and feels that the events of her life has truly helped her to be able to help single mothers, women, and young girls to move from where they are now to living a happy, whole, abundant, prosperous and powerful life.

Lolitha is a life, transformational and spiritual coach where she graciously pours into the lives of Single Mothers, Women and Young Girls, but seeks to make an impact on all humanity. Her Passion is People and Love!

Joyce Benning

Hello to all! I am a born, bred & raised country girl! Passion is caring for animals with a natural approach along with inspiring women to live a Robust Lifestyle! Dogs & horses have always been a huge part of my life. They have taught me so much about living a full life! My red heeler dog Groucho, whom is my Best Buddy has taught me to never give up and live with Faith not Fear! Their love for you is by the kindness and love you have in your heart. Enjoy inspiring women to love themselves for who they are as each one is created unique. Motivate women to realize their true given talents and not compare themselves to others. Empower women to share their talents to make the world a better place for all!

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