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Episode 1161 with Guest Steph Blake

Today’s guest is Steph Blake,
Discuss how to run a simple, streamlined, and profitable online business in 20 hours a week or less.
Get tips on preventing burnout, retiring from 9-5, and building a successful business as a parent.

Key Takeaways
Focus on one core offer, one problem, one platform, one marketing message
Systematize and document processes so you can outsource and scale
Schedule focused time blocks for deep work
Take time for self-care and family to boost creativity and avoid burnout

Working 20 Hours a Week or Less
Important for work-life balance, especially as a parent
Goal is to achieve your income and impact goals in 20 hours/week
Can work more hours if desired for special projects, but have a strong foundation

Avoiding Burnout and Distraction
Stay focused on one core offer, don’t spread yourself too thin

Block focused time for deep work
Take time for self-care and family to boost creativity and avoid burnout

Steps to Simplify Your Business
Identify the core problem you solve for a specific audience
Offer one solution for that problem, on one platform, with one marketing message
Systematize processes so you can outsource and scale

Quarterly Bundles
Stephanie hosts bundles where each contributor shares a paid resource
Provides huge value to buyers and exposure for contributors
Next bundle launches Aug 15 focused on sales

About Steph:
Steph Blake is the founder & CEO of the Simple Business SchoolTM.
She’s a business coach & productivity expert who helps online business owners run simple,
streamlined & profitable businesses in less than 20 hours/week.
She’s been in business for 8 years and has helped thousands of people start and scale their own
businesses to reach their unique freedom goals.
She’s also a tech nerd, systems strategist, wife, mom and Amazon Prime addict. Her favorite place to
hang out is Instagram! 

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