Love Your Money

“Ultimately, we have a relationship to money just like we have a relationship to a partner. It requires attention, love, commitment and a vision for the long term.: — Amanda Abella, Millennial Business Coach

Ask someone about the financial side of their micro-business and often you’ll hear the strangest things.  “It’s not my priority. I don’t understand all that stuff.” They may even make a little face and try to change the subject.

The limiting belief that talking about money is ‘crass’ reared its ugly head. And that belief makes it a lot more difficult to build a thriving business.

In our society we have a complicated relationship with money. People say all the time “It’s not about the money“ as though they have to apologize. This seems to be especially true of women. They explain they’re following their passion. They just want to help others.

Yes, you may be in business to be of service. Many people are nowadays, but by embracing your money and profitability, the more likely it is you can continue to be of service. Following a passion is wonderful and you certainly don’t want to be a drudge, spending your life doing something you hate.

But think about this:

You’re going on an exceptionally long, exciting car trip. It’s going to take you a quite a while to get there but you’re up for the adventure. So you fuel up your car and head out onto the open road. And then you don’t watch the gas gauge or bother to stop because “It’s not about the gas.”

How long is your trip going to last?

That’s the same way as the money in your business.

If you don’t keep an eye on the numbers and keep the tank fueled, your business is going to sputter to a stop. Your dream will go unrealized.

The revenue you create is simply a measure of the energy you put into your business. It can be exchanged for actual trips you’d like to take or the home you live in, university for your kids and more. Money is how you transform the time you put into your business so you can trade it for what you want or need.

In her book “The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom” Suze Orman writes about being respectful of yourself and your money. According to Suze, one of the laws of financial freedom is that respect attracts money and disrespect repels money.

So if you want to make to your destination, give your money the love it deserves.

One way to do this is to root out some of the messages you’ve been taught. Stop ‘insulting’ it with phrases like ‘filthy rich’, ‘money is the root of all evil’ and all those other negative messages you’ve been given.

After all, if you love and respect someone you don’t call them ‘filthy’ or ‘evil’.  Instead, you express gratitude for their help and support. If you’d like some help changing your thoughts about money, listen to our hosts Winnie & Emaghea.

Christine Ritchie

I am a self-taught artist except for the many workshops I have taken from other artists I find inspiring. Some of them are: Jeannie Hancock, Charles Spratt, J’anna Jaquelin, Louise Williams, Brian Ateyo and Sandi Komst. I continue to take several workshops a year and always leave them full of ideas and creative energy.