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When Trust Is Lost (Jen Maneely & Lynn Carnes)

Jennifer has been in recovery for over 15 years. She started getting calls from parents desperate for her to help their loved ones. Having been in recovery for so long, she knew one thing to be true; there is nothing anyone can do or say to help them until they are ready to get help. PERIOD. That left the parents hopeless, frustrated, desperate, angry, and scared, so she
created a way to give the families the help they needed based on her own experience of what was helpful to her and has been beneficial to countless others in recovery.

Lynn Carnes is Founder and CEO of Creative Spirits Unleashed. She is a TEDx Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Executive Leadership Coach and Artist. She works with business owners, C-Suite executives, high performing teams and athletes to lead deep and meaningful change while staying true to their core. She is also an avid water skier, potter, watercolor artist and hiker. Lynn writes about inspiring new ways to look at learning, growth, and reinvention, in leadership, athletics, art and life.

Kate Neligan

Kate Neligan is an equine-partnered life/career coach, author, motivational speaker, and healer whose life’s purpose is dedicated to the healing and transformation that happens through the human-animal bond. She helps individuals in her private practice as she pairs her intuitive gifts with those of horses to help people with clarity, confidence, and connection. Based near Boulder, Colorado, she offers a unique blend of life and career coaching to help people connect with what she calls “your own Conscious Rockstar.” Kate is certified in Equine Experiential Education and has a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. She uses her 15 years as a marketing executive at major corporate entertainment companies to provide unique off-site team buildings, leadership retreats, and workshops. Bridging leadership strategy with spiritual psychology in her work with corporate leaders, Kate helps them access their inner power, increase their emotional intelligence, and become aligned with the qualities of their authentic self. Through experiential education, mindfulness, and communication exercises, Kate helps companies with performance, productivity, and prosperity helping to build stronger teams and leaders.